Service Projects

The main projects conducted by TBCAF include Primary Education Project (PEP), Higher Education Project (HEP), Thai Community Development Project (TCDP), and Local Curriculum Project (LCP). Brief introduction of each project are described as below:

Primary Education Project (PEP)

Since 2005, TBCAF has provided supplies to primary schools in coordination with the local education authority and INGOs to fully supports village schools by working closely with the communities in Tha Song Yang District, Tak Province. In the 2008 school year, there are 500 students who benefited from TBCAF’s involvement in branch schools. For the shortage of teachers in some remote branch schools, TBCAF also assists the schools by supporting salary for teachers. There are totally 10 branch schools and 12 primary teachers supported by TBCAF.

Higher Education Project (HEP)

TBCAF has offered scholarship including free accommodation, scholarship, living cost, and study assistance for Karen youths who are eager to study in university and college. In addition, we contribute other resources which are necessary to train the youths such as computer training and textbooks on English conversation and community rights, etc. in order to develop their potential in ways that are useful for their daily lives.

Thai Community Development Project (TCDP)

In order to improve the living standards of the villages within this district, TBCAF has conducted a social survey in order to understand the villagers’ needs and, based on this, has promoted supportive community development projects in these villages. For example: weaving, health checking, agriculture training, and renewable energy (ex. micro-hydropower plant).

Local Curriculum Project (LCP)

Local curriculum is one of projects of TBCAF and the main goal of LC is to aim to advocate local culture and custom to young generation in their own villages. TBCAF also offers teacher training and teaching manual to the teachers involved in LC project, moreover TBCAF would like to extend the scale and target of this project in the future to benefit more and more young people.



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