Higher Education Project (HEP)

TBCAF has offered scholarship including free accommodation, scholarship, living cost, and study assistance for Karen youths who are eager to study in university and college. In addition, we contribute other resources which are necessary to train the youths such as computer training and textbooks on English conversation and community rights, etc. in order to develop their potential in ways that are useful for their daily lives.


Let the local to help the local, this is also that TBCAF believes. For this reason, TBCAF launches “Sponsorship” strategy to fundraise for the budget of HEP partly. Till September of year 2008, TBCAF has got 24 sponsors to sponsor some students’ advanced study. Moreover, there are 7 students who are studying at nursing college by using “Study Loan” offered by TBCAF. One of them has graduated and now she works with SMRU in Mae Sot


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