Sponsorship Promotion

Sponsorship for Primary Education Project (PEP) , and Higher Education Project (HEP). Within TBCAF’s Sponsorship for HEP and PEP in one year, from May 2008 to April 2009, there are two main parts of this project: (1) Sponsorship for students to complete high school or college (2) Sponsorship for branch schools in remote villages.

The target area of TBCAF to offer service is in Tak province, including five border districts: Tha Song Yang District, Mae Ramat District, Mae Sot District, Pop Pra Distract, and Umphang District. Target groups that TBCAF emphasizes are children from low-income family, working family, neglected and vulnerable children who have less access to basic and high education.

From May 2008 to April 2009, TBCAF will launch Sponsorship for HEP and PEP stepwise and achieve whole activities within the sponsorship. Sponsorship review, reporting will be done every 6 months. Monitoring will be conducted by coordinator and field staff once per 3 months. Two reviewing reports will be submitted to the board of TBCAF and two newsletters will be sent to all the sponsors.

To read more on following pages
WHY Sponsorship
To Be Sponsor

Or you can download this introduction with contract (PDF file)
Download It


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